Metrics for your Stripe and PayPal accounts.

Perfect for non-subscription based websites. One-click integrations to access your monthly balances in one place.
Customer Profiles, Invoicing, Email Reports plus easy to read Analytics and Insights.

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Add your STRIPE account

1 Click Integration with your Stripe account.

This will enable you to analyze critical Stripe sales history and metrics. Access easy to read monthly sales reports with zero configuration.


Add your PAYPAL account.

With a few clicks of a mouse authorize ProfitPal to access your PayPal history (read-only access).

Access relevant PayPal metrics right out of the box.


Understand your business by reviewing your sales metrics.

Once you authorize ProfitPal to read the data from your Stripe and PayPal accounts, you will be able to review critical metrics about your business.

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Easy to use DASHBOARD

Access your Stripe and PayPal metrics in a user-friendly dashboard without any technical knowledge.


Once your connect your accounts, your metrics will be available to you in less than 5 minutes.

No more adding manual PayPal and Stripe reports to time consuming spreadsheets. We retrieve your data from Stripe and PayPal, crunch the numbers and offer them to you in an easy to read format.Additionally, you are able to share metrics and analytics with team members.