We understand how important the privacy and security of your data is to you. We have put a variety of measures and practices into place to make sure your data is safe and protected from loss or attack. We follow and implement all recommendations of the OWASP Top 10.

We will never give, rent or sell access to your data to anyone. Read our full privacy policy for more details. As data is pulled from connected integrations, it is only ever stored temporarily in a short cache which is safely encrypted and protected.

Your data is protected by software and infrastructure at every layer of the application. These measures are constantly updated and tested to make sure access is restricted to authorised users only.

Any sensitive information such as passwords or tokens to services are encrypted at the database level.

Always-on secure connections
HTTPS (SSL) is used throughout the entire application, we use high grade 256–bit encryption which is an industry standard also used in internet banking. Our session cookies use the secure and HTTPS only flags.

We make sure to keep a daily backup of all your data. These backups are saved encrypted on storage services off-site, and are regularly tested for integrity. We store live copies of all our log files off-site and never log sensitive information like credit card details or passwords.

Last updated: May 15 2016