Announcing ProfitPal: Unified Analytics and Reports for Stripe & PayPal

It’s Alive! Say hello to ProfitPal.

We just launched and we’re very excited about it!!!

ProfitPal was created to provide easy to read unified analytics & metrics for your PayPal and Stripe accounts. Our goal is to help small businesses, website owners, and any non-technical users easily analyze their transaction history and payments received from their customers.

There are many websites that will ONLY provide metrics for subscription based websites, but offer nothing for non-subscription websites. These particular sites are over-complicated and push technical terms and hard to understand technical lingo, and for most people MRR, LTV, etc are way too complicated to comprehend.

ProfitPal is the best solution for non-subscription based websites, but we will also provide metrics that will help subscription based businesses. Additionally, we have added a few tools that will help businesses learn more about their customers, create and email invoices and much more.

Adding your Stripe and Paypal accounts to Profitpal could not be easier. We will download your data (read only so we can’t make any changes to your accounts) and you will be able to view relevant metrics regarding your sales.

Our features:

-PayPal and Stripe integration

-one-click easy integration

-easy to read metrics

-visual charts

-data available in less than 5 minutes

-create and email invoices to your customers

-automated email reports (receive daily, weekly and monthly emails with your sales metrics)

-customer profiles (insights about your paying customers)

-unified orders (see all orders from Stripe & PayPal in one place)

-Onboarding Automated Emails (send automated emails to your new leads or customers; create your own email templates)

Try ProfitPal Today

We are offering a FREE 14 day fully functional trial and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so give it a try, register a new account, add your Stripe or/and PayPal and see what we can do.




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